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Its been awile

So i grew to have a strong dislike for this thing while i was at school. It seems to me that these things are really good for nothing, if you use them as is intended that it. I however don't use it for it's intention, being that i dont talk about my life (or at least avoid doing so at all costs). I dont find people's lives all that interesting, unless you have personally weilded the holy hand grenade of antioch in battle. Sadly i can find antioch on a map, even sader than that is that im not sure if i spelt antioch correctly.

I haven't wrote in a very long time. I wrote one story while i was at school and in the end i think that it came out rather stupid and unoriginal. As most of my past works have been. I have to find something i really care about and than write about that. So far all i feel that ive done is developed a sort of style, that style being the same as whatever author i have most recently read.

But i dont know what that is.

I dont even have anythign to make fun of.

and this entry has become about myself even though it was ment to make fun of something. But i have nothing.

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