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Matt wrote another star wars essay... NO WAY!!!

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Jedi: One More Reason Why Neutrality Sucks

Time and time again anyone watching Star Wars is force feed one or two philosophies. One of these is the Jedi code. According to the Jedi you need to be able to control your emotions, if your emotions control you, you will go over to the dark side. This makes sense when it’s looked at in a very basic fashion. I won’t bother pointing out that all the strongest Jedi happen to make good use of their emotions because I’m not heading in that direction.
Because their philosophy of inner peace works one a person to person basis it’s not surprising that the Jedi would want to expand this philosophy onto a much larger scale. And so the politics of pacifism comes into play, of course it’s always a lot easier to be a pacifist when you have an energy sword and super human powers.
Despite the insanely hardcore abilities of the Jedi they still prefer to end any sort of conflict with negotiations rather than fight. And for a few thousand years this works just fine. Why, because everyone is scared half to death of the Jedi. Not only can they change you opinion with the stroke of a hand, but they can always fall back on pure force. The strongest ability any Jedi has is their reputation; no one wants to fight a Jedi because no one can beat them. After a thousand years of this its no real surprise that when the Sith magically come back into existence that the Jedi are not prepared. The all follow their same old “lets wait a bit longer and see what happens” mind set.
And what happens, they all get shot a bunch of time by their own troops because no one was smart enough to say hey maybe we should see why this Palaptine dude is trying to sign all executive power over to himself. Last time I checked that never ends well. I think we’ll have to assume that Yoda slept through the whole World War II chapter of history of the universe 101.
The best example of why the Jedi pacifism doesn’t work is seen in Revenge of the Sith. Half the Jedi counsel has had the idea that training Anakin might be a bad idea. So what do we do, well… let’s give him a lot more power and start letting him talk to the crazy dude that no one really trusts anymore. What could go wrong right? After all if anything does happen we can always wait and see if the situation improves before acting upon it. Oh whoops he went to the dark side… and we’re all dead. What a shocker.
Had the Jedi acted on their instincts it can be easily assumed that they would have been able to stop Anakin from turning to the dark side. Good ole Samuel Jackson would then kick Palatine’s wrinkly ass and everyone goes home happy… well not Anakin he gets stuck working as a slave in a junk shop on Tattoine, but come on he still gets to race pods, that’s a rewarding life right…
Star Wars helps to show us that when ever a bunch of evil people start killing everyone it’s a good idea to do something about it. After all their can only be one Switzerland in any given universe.
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