invisiblemnster (invisiblemnster) wrote,

this is why i love webster

WTFu8mycookies: yo
matrixVIIfft: wassssssupppp
WTFu8mycookies: nmm
WTFu8mycookies: done with high school
matrixVIIfft: waht
WTFu8mycookies: i got accepted to my first choice
WTFu8mycookies: lol
WTFu8mycookies: +
WTFu8mycookies: i dont have to rey anymore
WTFu8mycookies: try*
WTFu8mycookies: all i gotsta do is not fail
matrixVIIfft: true
matrixVIIfft: so where u going next year
WTFu8mycookies: prolly ASU
WTFu8mycookies: i wish the megalodon shark was still alive
WTFu8mycookies: random but true
matrixVIIfft: lol
matrixVIIfft: yeah
matrixVIIfft: but i wouldnt swim
WTFu8mycookies: u know what it is?
matrixVIIfft: the 60 foot shark that would eat whales
matrixVIIfft: yeah i know it well
WTFu8mycookies: like a great mwhite but 4 times bigger
WTFu8mycookies: that would be so ill
matrixVIIfft: and with a temper of an irish jew
WTFu8mycookies: there are such things?
matrixVIIfft: no
WTFu8mycookies: i can see why it would be angry than
matrixVIIfft: exactly
matrixVIIfft: how would u like nonexistence
WTFu8mycookies: you know what the best shark is?
matrixVIIfft: bull shark
WTFu8mycookies: not very much at all
WTFu8mycookies: no
WTFu8mycookies: lol
matrixVIIfft: u can get them anywhere
WTFu8mycookies: idk
matrixVIIfft: kinda like herpees
WTFu8mycookies: my marine bio teaher showed a film that said that the tiger shark was the most advanced shark
matrixVIIfft: alright what proof does she have
WTFu8mycookies: he
WTFu8mycookies: and its like the most streamline
WTFu8mycookies: or something
matrixVIIfft: maybe aerodynamic
matrixVIIfft: ...
WTFu8mycookies: it cuts through water super well
WTFu8mycookies: lets say
matrixVIIfft: so its like those boats
matrixVIIfft: with the pointy hulls
WTFu8mycookies: or maybe like a....
WTFu8mycookies: those boats that ride above the water
WTFu8mycookies: on those runners
matrixVIIfft: yeah like in thunderball
WTFu8mycookies: yea
WTFu8mycookies: but in shark form
matrixVIIfft: do they let sharks in spector?
matrixVIIfft: cause bond could kick any sharks ass
WTFu8mycookies: well a shark would make a good assasin
WTFu8mycookies: well when hes in the ocean checkin out the babes if a skark swims up and bites him
WTFu8mycookies: he might die
WTFu8mycookies: the most kick ass shark ever is the megamouth
matrixVIIfft: well conory would just punch it in the face and it would fall into a pit of boiling somehting
matrixVIIfft: but all the others would die
WTFu8mycookies: yea but luike moore would take it like a bitch
matrixVIIfft: yeah
matrixVIIfft: and than cry about it to molly penny
WTFu8mycookies: megamouth=most kickass shark ever
WTFu8mycookies: with a name like megamouth
matrixVIIfft: it sounds like a pornstar
matrixVIIfft: well
matrixVIIfft: okay
matrixVIIfft: a cheep stripper
WTFu8mycookies: lol
WTFu8mycookies: onlike 30 have been seen
WTFu8mycookies: ever
matrixVIIfft: yeah
WTFu8mycookies: have u ever seen it?
matrixVIIfft: yeah
WTFu8mycookies: its so funny looking
matrixVIIfft: im sure they think your funny looking
matrixVIIfft: with ur tiny mouth
matrixVIIfft: and well
matrixVIIfft: okay thats really ugly
WTFu8mycookies: hahaah
matrixVIIfft: its better if u get a pick of one with its mouth open
WTFu8mycookies: it has no teeth
matrixVIIfft: i can understand why they never come near shore though
WTFu8mycookies: bc theyre so ugly?
matrixVIIfft: yeah thats only part of it though
WTFu8mycookies: like why fat kids avoid popular kids?
matrixVIIfft: yeah but imagine being the fat kid only every time u go to the playgorund a bunch of guys with snorkals start taking your picture
matrixVIIfft: you would go live in a trench too
WTFu8mycookies: well with that kind of response tyou could be a movie star
WTFu8mycookies: like everytime they go anywhere ppl start taking their picture
matrixVIIfft: yeah but thats because old fat guys need to touch themsleves
WTFu8mycookies: touche
matrixVIIfft: and henti gets old
WTFu8mycookies: you ever hear the song saint simon by the shins?
WTFu8mycookies: lol
matrixVIIfft: no
WTFu8mycookies: wanna?
matrixVIIfft: sure
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