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pictures of katrina

horray i didnt for get the one line of coding that i know in html so now i can make fun of pictures too! therefore...

ever since hurricane katrina hit last week we have had a steady stream of pictures each and ever day. Basically the media want us to feel bad for those people that are less fortunate than others, and they want you to feel physically sick by the time you turn to page five. why's that, because a picture is worth a thousand words, or in the new york times case a dollar will buy you enough to last at least your morning cup of coffee.

after the steady stream of dead bodies that i've become used to seeing over the past week i was pleased when i glanced at and sure enough they have an entire page dedicated katrine but the best part was the picture to the link.

i have to say i kinda feel let down. that boy is clearly happy. i went on this site to read about a horrible event, i want horrible pictures what right does have to spread happiness. the media exists to do two things, spread fear, and than say it's all the governments fault that the people are so scared. how dare they show a cute kid and his dog, it almost makes me want to smile.
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