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Thursday, January 12th, 2006
11:57 pm
Its been awile
So i grew to have a strong dislike for this thing while i was at school. It seems to me that these things are really good for nothing, if you use them as is intended that it. I however don't use it for it's intention, being that i dont talk about my life (or at least avoid doing so at all costs). I dont find people's lives all that interesting, unless you have personally weilded the holy hand grenade of antioch in battle. Sadly i can find antioch on a map, even sader than that is that im not sure if i spelt antioch correctly.

I haven't wrote in a very long time. I wrote one story while i was at school and in the end i think that it came out rather stupid and unoriginal. As most of my past works have been. I have to find something i really care about and than write about that. So far all i feel that ive done is developed a sort of style, that style being the same as whatever author i have most recently read.

But i dont know what that is.

I dont even have anythign to make fun of.

and this entry has become about myself even though it was ment to make fun of something. But i have nothing.

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
11:48 pm
Matt wrote another star wars essay... NO WAY!!!
yeah i couldnt help myself...

Jedi: One More Reason Why Neutrality Sucks

Time and time again anyone watching Star Wars is force feed one or two philosophies. One of these is the Jedi code. According to the Jedi you need to be able to control your emotions, if your emotions control you, you will go over to the dark side. This makes sense when it’s looked at in a very basic fashion. I won’t bother pointing out that all the strongest Jedi happen to make good use of their emotions because I’m not heading in that direction.
Because their philosophy of inner peace works one a person to person basis it’s not surprising that the Jedi would want to expand this philosophy onto a much larger scale. And so the politics of pacifism comes into play, of course it’s always a lot easier to be a pacifist when you have an energy sword and super human powers.
Despite the insanely hardcore abilities of the Jedi they still prefer to end any sort of conflict with negotiations rather than fight. And for a few thousand years this works just fine. Why, because everyone is scared half to death of the Jedi. Not only can they change you opinion with the stroke of a hand, but they can always fall back on pure force. The strongest ability any Jedi has is their reputation; no one wants to fight a Jedi because no one can beat them. After a thousand years of this its no real surprise that when the Sith magically come back into existence that the Jedi are not prepared. The all follow their same old “lets wait a bit longer and see what happens” mind set.
And what happens, they all get shot a bunch of time by their own troops because no one was smart enough to say hey maybe we should see why this Palaptine dude is trying to sign all executive power over to himself. Last time I checked that never ends well. I think we’ll have to assume that Yoda slept through the whole World War II chapter of history of the universe 101.
The best example of why the Jedi pacifism doesn’t work is seen in Revenge of the Sith. Half the Jedi counsel has had the idea that training Anakin might be a bad idea. So what do we do, well… let’s give him a lot more power and start letting him talk to the crazy dude that no one really trusts anymore. What could go wrong right? After all if anything does happen we can always wait and see if the situation improves before acting upon it. Oh whoops he went to the dark side… and we’re all dead. What a shocker.
Had the Jedi acted on their instincts it can be easily assumed that they would have been able to stop Anakin from turning to the dark side. Good ole Samuel Jackson would then kick Palatine’s wrinkly ass and everyone goes home happy… well not Anakin he gets stuck working as a slave in a junk shop on Tattoine, but come on he still gets to race pods, that’s a rewarding life right…
Star Wars helps to show us that when ever a bunch of evil people start killing everyone it’s a good idea to do something about it. After all their can only be one Switzerland in any given universe.
Sunday, October 9th, 2005
11:31 pm
an essay for philosophy
Matt has just died and finds him self in limbo. He is quickly greeted by the devil.

Satan: Evening Matt, how are you feeling today?

Matt: Am I dead?

Satan: Well your body sure is I would think that it’s six feet under at this point. But don’t get yourself too worked up over it, that’s all in the past now.

Matt: So where am I?

Satan: Limbo but that’s not important because we’re leaving.

Matt: Oh so there is a Heaven?

Satan: Yes but none that you’ll ever see you’re coming to hell.

Matt: What, wait are you…?

Satan: Yep the one and only Devil, Satan, Lucifer call me what you like it’s not important.

Matt: But why am I going to hell, I lead a good life?

Satan: Do you really believe that? Please describe this “Good Life” to me.

Matt: Well, I raised a family.

Satan: A family? Anything can raise a family. Every organism in creation can have offspring. Having a family doesn’t make you stand out from the rest. Even a murderer can raise a family.

Matt: Yes, but I also taught my children right from wrong, and I loved my wife. I never mistreated anyone. I donated money to the church. I was a doctor, I helped people.

Satan: Yes, yes and all of that was very nice but why don’t we slow down for just a second. I don’t need you to be listing your life achievements for me, this is no college application. You donated money because you were told to. Yes you were a doctor, yes you helped people. But lets be honest, you were really in it for the money. Now you haven’t answered my question. What makes your family any different from all the others?

Matt: We were happy together, we loved each other.

Satan: Oh, but were you happy because you were in love, or because you didn’t have to worry about anything. After all you were a doctor; money was never a problem was it.

Matt: What is the importance of money? Would the love of my family be considered great had we been poor?

Satan: It may have indeed. You have to realize that you are not telling me why you lead a good life. You are only giving me reasons why you were happy. Love is only a means to find happiness. It does not place any merit upon your life. So far I see no reason why I shouldn’t drag you down into hell.

Matt: But that’s ridiculous. Love is much more than a tool for happiness. I cared for my family. I would have given my life to help them. Just because I never had to doesn’t change the fact that I would. Being happy with my life shouldn’t count against me only because I was more fortunate that others. I never horded my money, I donated to charities, I was generous.

Satan: So is that your definition of the good life than. A generous person who is in love?

Matt: Yes, I suppose it is.

Satan: Very well. But what of other people who are not as fortunate as you. People who never find a person to love, or people who don’t make enough money to be generous? What of them, are they than not capable of leading a good life?

Matt: Of coarse they can, there are other ways.

Satan: How than, according to your definition a good life is based off love and money.

Matt: No I never said money is important, I said that generosity is.

Satan: But what of those who are not able to be generous? You don’t expect a poor beggar to donate the few dollars he has rather than feed himself, do you?

Matt: Of coarse not, if a person is unable to be generous with his or her money than it would be their virtue that is important.

Satan: And does your own virtue matter not than, because you had wealth, because you were generous?

Matt: No, my generosity is an example of my virtue?

Satan: So than generosity is not important?

Matt: No, it is. But only if a person is capable of generosity is it important. For example, a rich man must be generous because he contains the means to be generous. But a poor man with no money has no means to be generous and therefore his generosity has no effect on his virtue.

Satan: So it is virtue than that allows a person to lead a good life?

Matt: Yes.

Satan: But what than of love, earlier you defined this good life as a generous person who is in love. And now you have decided that it is virtue, not generosity that matters. But you have never answered my question about people who are not fortunate enough to find a lover.

Matt: I never said that a person must have a lover. A virtuous person would love everyone who there is to be loved. Yes having that love returned makes a person’s life that much better but it doesn’t seem that a person’s happiness maters much to you. So I would say to you, the good life is led by a virtuous person who loves his fellow man.

Satan: (Now angry at Matt) Very well you may have defined what a good life is but you have not proven that you in fact lead a good life.

Matt: But I did, you said earlier that the only reason I was a Doctor was for the money, but that isn’t true. I wanted to be a doctor for years, when I was young enough to not take money into consideration. I only knew that I would be happy and that I could help people. And once I did find out that money was important I still donated money every week to my church and to other organizations that would help the needy. I raised children and taught them the importance of virtue. I loved my wife and I was loyal to her. I did my best to never sin. I have led a good life and if you agree with my definition than you have no way to claim that I did not lead such a life.

Satan: Fine you have proven your worth and I will interrogate you no longer. Be off I can not stand to look at you any longer.

Satan disappears in a cloud of smoke. As the smoke clears Matt can see gates off in the distance. He goes through them and God gives him a high five for making Satan look like an idiot.
Sunday, October 2nd, 2005
2:09 pm
this is why i love webster
WTFu8mycookies: yo
matrixVIIfft: wassssssupppp
WTFu8mycookies: nmm
WTFu8mycookies: done with high school
matrixVIIfft: waht
WTFu8mycookies: i got accepted to my first choice
WTFu8mycookies: lol
WTFu8mycookies: +
WTFu8mycookies: i dont have to rey anymore
WTFu8mycookies: try*
WTFu8mycookies: all i gotsta do is not fail
matrixVIIfft: true
matrixVIIfft: so where u going next year
WTFu8mycookies: prolly ASU
WTFu8mycookies: i wish the megalodon shark was still alive
WTFu8mycookies: random but true
matrixVIIfft: lol
matrixVIIfft: yeah
matrixVIIfft: but i wouldnt swim
WTFu8mycookies: u know what it is?
matrixVIIfft: the 60 foot shark that would eat whales
matrixVIIfft: yeah i know it well
WTFu8mycookies: like a great mwhite but 4 times bigger
WTFu8mycookies: that would be so ill
matrixVIIfft: and with a temper of an irish jew
WTFu8mycookies: there are such things?
matrixVIIfft: no
WTFu8mycookies: i can see why it would be angry than
matrixVIIfft: exactly
matrixVIIfft: how would u like nonexistence
WTFu8mycookies: you know what the best shark is?
matrixVIIfft: bull shark
WTFu8mycookies: not very much at all
WTFu8mycookies: no
WTFu8mycookies: lol
matrixVIIfft: u can get them anywhere
WTFu8mycookies: idk
matrixVIIfft: kinda like herpees
WTFu8mycookies: my marine bio teaher showed a film that said that the tiger shark was the most advanced shark
matrixVIIfft: alright what proof does she have
WTFu8mycookies: he
WTFu8mycookies: and its like the most streamline
WTFu8mycookies: or something
matrixVIIfft: maybe aerodynamic
matrixVIIfft: ...
WTFu8mycookies: it cuts through water super well
WTFu8mycookies: lets say
matrixVIIfft: so its like those boats
matrixVIIfft: with the pointy hulls
WTFu8mycookies: or maybe like a....
WTFu8mycookies: those boats that ride above the water
WTFu8mycookies: on those runners
matrixVIIfft: yeah like in thunderball
WTFu8mycookies: yea
WTFu8mycookies: but in shark form
matrixVIIfft: do they let sharks in spector?
matrixVIIfft: cause bond could kick any sharks ass
WTFu8mycookies: well a shark would make a good assasin
WTFu8mycookies: well when hes in the ocean checkin out the babes if a skark swims up and bites him
WTFu8mycookies: he might die
WTFu8mycookies: the most kick ass shark ever is the megamouth
matrixVIIfft: well conory would just punch it in the face and it would fall into a pit of boiling somehting
matrixVIIfft: but all the others would die
WTFu8mycookies: yea but luike moore would take it like a bitch
matrixVIIfft: yeah
matrixVIIfft: and than cry about it to molly penny
WTFu8mycookies: megamouth=most kickass shark ever
WTFu8mycookies: with a name like megamouth
matrixVIIfft: it sounds like a pornstar
matrixVIIfft: well
matrixVIIfft: okay
matrixVIIfft: a cheep stripper
WTFu8mycookies: lol
WTFu8mycookies: onlike 30 have been seen
WTFu8mycookies: ever
matrixVIIfft: yeah
WTFu8mycookies: have u ever seen it?
matrixVIIfft: yeah
WTFu8mycookies: its so funny looking
matrixVIIfft: im sure they think your funny looking
matrixVIIfft: with ur tiny mouth
matrixVIIfft: and well
WTFu8mycookies: http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/fish/sharks/Megamouth/Mega6a.JPG
matrixVIIfft: okay thats really ugly
WTFu8mycookies: hahaah
matrixVIIfft: its better if u get a pick of one with its mouth open
WTFu8mycookies: it has no teeth
matrixVIIfft: i can understand why they never come near shore though
WTFu8mycookies: bc theyre so ugly?
matrixVIIfft: yeah thats only part of it though
WTFu8mycookies: like why fat kids avoid popular kids?
matrixVIIfft: yeah but imagine being the fat kid only every time u go to the playgorund a bunch of guys with snorkals start taking your picture
matrixVIIfft: you would go live in a trench too
WTFu8mycookies: well with that kind of response tyou could be a movie star
WTFu8mycookies: like everytime they go anywhere ppl start taking their picture
matrixVIIfft: yeah but thats because old fat guys need to touch themsleves
WTFu8mycookies: touche
matrixVIIfft: and henti gets old
WTFu8mycookies: you ever hear the song saint simon by the shins?
WTFu8mycookies: lol
matrixVIIfft: no
WTFu8mycookies: wanna?
matrixVIIfft: sure
Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
4:15 pm
fiction by me
“In a Café”

I hate drinking hot coffee. The way you can only take little sips so that you don’t burn your tongue. But instead of asking for ice I let my spoon sit in the cup, hoping that it will absorb some of the heat.
Angela hasn’t said anything this morning. When I suggested going out for breakfast I received only a weak smile. I know I need to ask her, and I know what her answer will be. But I’m scared… if only there was more time.
She leans forward onto the table so that it looks like she’s reading the menu. But I know she’s not, she’ll order pancakes with chocolate chips and maple syrup. She leans forward only so that I won’t be able to see her face. I take one of her hands in my own and run my thumb across her knuckles.
“Do you think we made a mistake?” Still holding her hand she doesn’t move for what seems like forever. Finally she begins to nod, just before she starts to cry. She takes her hand away to wipe away the tears. I slide my chair around the table and wrap my arms around her.
I whisper into her ear “Let’s go.” She keeps wiping her face and nods again. I leave a few dollars on the table and we walk out trying to hold each other as close as possible. I try to think if there’s any way to make this easier, but I know there isn’t.
Monday, September 12th, 2005
9:18 am
pictures of katrina
horray i didnt for get the one line of coding that i know in html so now i can make fun of pictures too! therefore...

ever since hurricane katrina hit last week we have had a steady stream of pictures each and ever day. Basically the media want us to feel bad for those people that are less fortunate than others, and they want you to feel physically sick by the time you turn to page five. why's that, because a picture is worth a thousand words, or in the new york times case a dollar will buy you enough to last at least your morning cup of coffee.

after the steady stream of dead bodies that i've become used to seeing over the past week i was pleased when i glanced at msn.com and sure enough they have an entire page dedicated katrine but the best part was the picture to the link.

i have to say i kinda feel let down. that boy is clearly happy. i went on this site to read about a horrible event, i want horrible pictures what right does msn.com have to spread happiness. the media exists to do two things, spread fear, and than say it's all the governments fault that the people are so scared. how dare they show a cute kid and his dog, it almost makes me want to smile.
9:17 am
test to see if i remember html

hope this works

if it does, pretty huh
Sunday, September 4th, 2005
8:42 pm
Zimbabwe Leader Alleges CIA Involvement in 'The Interpreter'
Recently Robert Mugabe the president of Zimbabwe come out with a statement that "The interpreter" was a CIA backed film aimed at turning the American public against his country. Now right off the bat I know that this has got to be bullshit because last time I check Sean Penn stared in “The interpreter”. I mean come like Sean Penn would ever work for the CIA. Hey, remember that time Sean Penn hated the government, oh wait he still does.

Mugabe was quoted saying "[The interpreter] just shows how careful we have to be and that we should know our enemy is very powerful". I don’t know about any of you but I think the last thing I think about while watching Nicole Kidman is how powerful my enemies are. For the most part when I think Nicole Kidman I think about… umm… actually what I think about is my own business thank you.

Honestly I’d like to think that the actions of Mugabe help show how great America really is. If Zimbabwe can’t handle it when we make movies about fictional countries that may or may not be somewhat like their country they should just shut up and go home. Hear in America Michael Moore makes movies that out right say America sucks. And he does it all without Nicole Kidman, though that does explain why I’ve never seen “Fahrenheit 911“, and yet I saw “The Interpreter” twice
Friday, September 2nd, 2005
6:51 pm
a thing i'll be doing
Starting with my next entry im going to be making fun of stuff going on in the world. i'm going to try adn do one post a week, maybe more or less depending on my work load. i'll try and incorperate pictures and stuff and for the most part just make fun of the news and so forth. my reasoning for this change comes from the fact that i need to start writing somewhat seriously becuase in four years its kinda gonna be my livelyhood. which also means i have four years to learn to spell. and dont worry ill still make fun of star wars from time to time, star wars probablty the two words ive used most in this thing. yeah i know it's sad, what you gonna do about it.
Wednesday, August 31st, 2005
11:04 am
not sure yet
so i haven't put anything in here for a good while now and figure it's the right time for an update. the only real problem with this wonderful idea of mine is that i don't really know what i should write about. now for many people this could seem like a serious problem but not me. i've decided that i will over come haveing nothing to write about and write about either nothing or something. larry david does it all the time why cant I?

any one who answered that last question "because your not larry david" can go fuck themselves.

for one thing i have decided that my favorite character from any videogame ever made is the bum under the bridge in a link to the past. this go is poor, as we can tell from the fact he lives under a bridge. he probally spent all his money buying zora's flippers just so he could find the nice spot in the shade. yet despite his unbearable poverty he manages to great link with a kind hello, good luck and hooks him up with the 3rd bottle. not half bad.

i also love that fact that in zelda it's the fat fairy that's been locked away for years in a cave. the good looking fariy managed to snag hot realestate under a waterfall. the fat fariy does give you the golden sword, but thats just because she's fishing for recognition.

i could go on and on about why i love a link to the past but i dont want to be just that lame today. so i'll wrap this all up.

later folks.
Wednesday, August 10th, 2005
3:18 pm
problems with fathers part duex
episode iv-
horray for a host of new fathers first up
im not sure if he messed up anything enough in the last trilogy but good ole ben is back at it for another try. this time around mr. kenobi is training luke skywalker a young and rash man who really really really wants to fight the empire AND he can pick off wamprats from a sand speeder. AND THEIR NOT MUCH BIGGER THAN TWO METERS WOW. lets see if wedge could do that. sure enough obi wan manages to get himself killed by the end of the movie and for that matter puts up little to no fight. see living in the middle of nowhere is never helpful when it comes to lightsabers...NEVER!

sure he may only be an unlce but he does take part in rasing luke for the first eighteen years or so and yet in the end (well first fifteen minutes) he gets killed. im starting to see a trend here.

episode v-

no way darth vader is lukes dad wow thanks george you sure pulled that idea out of your ass didnt you. lucky for you this is the seventies and people still manage to be inpressed by pet rocks. now if i were ever to tell my estranged son that i was his father i think the last thing i would want to do is cut his hand off. i mean come on sure its a great story to tell at the next family reunion and everyone will be laughing but when it first happens damn will your son be pissed. i mean look at the movie luke just jumps off the platform thingy.

episode vi-

- YODA -
boy if theres anything i love more than a green jim hanson puppet its a blue one. sorry i got a thing for gonzo, shit i just like saying his name. but i think yoda makes the cut for pretty damn cool. did you see him lift that x-wing. yoda gets to replace obiwan as lukes mentor but luke ditchs him in V like any troubled youth who's girlfriend may or may not be in something that possibly resembles near mortal periel based of a dream, dont worry theres no way lucas could ever get away with that plot point again... well nevermind. in return of the jedi yoda ups and dies so yeah that brings our dead dad count o i never really kept track but its getting kinda high i think.

alright so theres no where near as many father figures in the second trilogy and im kinda sick of writing about this so dont give me any shit about palpatine though i think he could make the cut for a fatherfigure. point is this series has the most messed up views of parenting since the greeks.
Friday, July 22nd, 2005
7:57 pm
what's george lucas' problem with fathers
from one star wars movie to the next there are a few themes that carry over. one of these themes is that no matter whats going on people's fathers always suck or always die. lets start it off with the first movie.

episode 1
-right from the start we have anakin a fatherless slave. what happened to his father no clue in fact the only bit of info we have about his dad comes from his mother. "he has no father" in the movie that seems to be a good enough answer but come on how ambiguos can you get. did his dad die? run off? or was she just raped after haveing one to many down at mos eisley. or maybe he was a death sticks addict, as we know from episode two those things are not good to mess with.
-the only other father figure to appear in this movie is qui gon jin the jedi master training obi wan kenobi. from what we can tell in the movie qui gon is a great teacher and a very compasionate person. he goes out of his way many times for both anakin, obi wan, and natile portman. but honestly who wouldnt do anything for her. sure enough as the movie draws to a close qui gon has an unfortuinate run in with a lightsaber and one thing leads to another... yeah he dies its kinda hard to live through a blade of energy to the gut.

episode 2
-so here we have our next father jengo fett. being the most ruthless bounty hunter in the universe i wouldnt expect much out of this guy but sure enough he seems to be a pretty nice guy when it comes to raising his clone boba. they even try to kill obi wan as a father son tag team, sweat huh. once again however jengo has just as much trouble with this whole lightsaber thing and is one head short of a body buy the end of the movie thanks to good ole samuel jackson.

episode 3
-obi wan kenobi is a father figure in both 2 and three but it's more profound in 3 so hear we go. obi wan is the first father figure to be nothing but a compleat failure. obi wan was tasked with raising and training anakin after the untimly demise of qui gon. as the years, and wars, go on they become friends and two of the most famous jedi in the universe. but anakin kinda goes over to the dark side and starts off one of those genocide things we hear so much about in global 2. now im not pointing fingers but last i checked obi wan was the one who was training anakin and therefore kinda in charge of that whole "now son i want you to have a good time tonite but if any of those sith folks come up to you... just say no!"

thats it for now ill do the next three episodes and a conclusion later.
Friday, July 15th, 2005
12:55 am
so woke up at 5 today got a plane to dallas which was very late and missed the transfer so got to hang in dallas international for a good four hours. yeah my mom was freaking out a lot today. but what ever im in san fran now and holy shit is it pretty. ive never been so awed by a city, okay well only when the plane was landing, its not as cool from the ground but its still really pretty. i finished one of the five books i took with me more on that at some other time its like 1 in the morn one my clock so 10 here and its time for dinner later folks
Saturday, July 9th, 2005
3:37 pm
this will be the first in a series of essays that will explore the star wars universe. now this is a rough draft and the first of the series so ill probally write another versoin of this at a later date with a more thought out arguement. untill than enjoy this one.

Star Wars is probably one of the least thought out of any sci-fi movie that involves philosophy. This stems from the fact that George Lucas is pretty dumb, and his movies contradict themselves every twenty minutes. But hey the pod race was pretty cool. Lucas managed to rack his brain for hours on end and came up with two concepts from Philosophy 101, metaphysics and ethics. That’s right George Lucas actually managed to reach the mental capacity of a thirteen year old.
Throughout the movies we keep hearing about this “force” thing. Where the force comes from exactly even Lucas can’t decided. Depend on which JEDI master you talk to the force either comes from your emotions… or tiny parasites living inside of you. Yeah your guess is as good as mine. No the force is just a metaphysicist’s wet dream. The force lets you basically bend the world to your will. Move things with your mind, build light sabers, convince your friends that you were the first person to call shotgun, and of course, release high voltage electric currents from your fingertips. But like all great powers this one to comes with great responsibility (what do you mean copyright infringement, I’ve never even heard of Spiderman).
Within the force we are told there are two sides. Light and dark, and I’m sure it took Lucas a few sleepless nights to come up with that wonderful bit of symbolism. According to Yoda fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering, and suffering leads to the dark side. To sum that all up for all those people that want to punch Yoda in the face, anger make you go over to the dark side.
But what is the Dark Side? All we know about it is that there’s a lot of angry people that use red light sabers. And according to Emperor Palpatine it lets you bring people back to life. Now the real perk to the dark side is the force lightning. . Fuck the Natalie Portman I would go over to the dark side for the lightning alone. Honestly though from what I’ve seen in the films there really is no “Dark” side. Some JEDI do evil things and they are called SITH but really why is called the dark side. Its all the same force right?
Other than the color of you light saber and the lightning there is no difference. See the JEDI are nothing more than the oppressors of force lightning because they can’t use it. In Episode one we hear about a great war between the SITH and the JEDI. But why did it happen? Because the SITH had fucking lightning at there fingertip that’s why. The JEDI feared the powers of a few select people. So the branded them SITH they claimed that they were masters of a dark side of the force. This abilities were said to be evil, but are they really?
After wining the war it was easy for the JEDI to spread there propaganda about the evil of the SITH. The SITH were able to survive only as small underground movements, it’s only natural that over time they would want to take there revenge. But after thousands of years of being taught that the SITH were evil it was impossible to clear there names. So in they end the SITH become truly evil, only because they were taught that they were evil.
So really there is no Dark Side of the force. There is only a higher plain of power that is people are able to archive within the force. And because of the vast amounts of power that is granted to you people fear you and call you a SITH. And they try and kill you. The movies teach us this perfectly. In Episode 1 does Qui-gon ever stop to ask Darth Maul who he is or what he is doing. No he sees black cloak and red light saber so he goes and attacks. In Episode 3 as soon as the find out Anakin is on the Dark Side what happens. Obi-wan goes and cuts the kinds limbs off, that’s right limbs, plural. You would think he would have gotten the message with the loss of one limb.
I say that the real evil in the Force are the JEDI, and there fear. All the JEDI ever do in the movies is moan on and on about how the Dark Side is evil and will destroy the universe. But wasn’t it Yoda who told us fear leads to the Dark Side, so shouldn’t he fucking stop fearing it. If the JEDI were just more accepting of the different people within there order there would be no conflict and no labeling of there fellows.
So what’s the moral of all this? Easy, I WANT FORCE LIGHTING THAT SHIT IS FREAKING SWEET.
Thursday, July 7th, 2005
6:20 pm
so i belive that i could write a novel if i did it in the bret easton ellis rules of attraction format. this being you basicly write three slightly intertwined novels and scatter them up in a single book

so if i ever find time to write i might do that, maybe with more storylines after all the more storylines the shorter they have to be right.

so while at work today two other guys and me invented an artform. we're going to be rich as hell in a few years. thats all i can say cause u people might go and steal our ideas and we would have to kill you which is less fun than i let on.

im reading vonnegut again, he makes me happy. kinda like good cheesecake, but nothing like bad cheesecake. bad cheesecake is the reason there is evil in this world.

i was at scranton over the past few days and im fucking pumped. im taking 20 credits which many people tell me is insane. one advisor's exact words about a class i take next year were "god help you". and that made me really happy because i decided i need to be challenged more at school cause high school was a joke and i just got by doing as little as possible at all times. im honestly looking forwad to the stress of have shitloads of work. and you know not living at home.

right now i may end up being a computer science and engish major or a communications and english major its up in the air. one way or another im also going to minor in philosophy. so cool right... yeah i have no idea what to do with my life but what ever i dont care.

i have a hot date with carissa on monday, i can't wait.

than i go to cali on thrus for two weeks. im bring lots of books, as follows.
-less than zero
-god bless you mr. rosewater
-prayer for owen
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so i belive that i could write a novel if i did it in the bret easton ellis rules of attraction format. this being you basicly write three slightly intertwined novels and scatter them up in a single book

so if i ever find time to write i might do that, maybe with more storylines after all the more storylines the shorter they have to be right.

so while at work today two other guys and me invented an artform. we're going to be rich as hell in a few years. thats all i can say cause u people might go and steal our ideas and we would have to kill you which is less fun than i let on.

im reading vonnegut again, he makes me happy. kinda like good cheesecake, but nothing like bad cheesecake. bad cheesecake is the reason there is evil in this world.

i was at scranton over the past few days and im fucking pumped. im taking 20 credits which many people tell me is insane. one advisor's exact words about a class i take next year were "god help you". and that made me really happy because i decided i need to be challenged more at school cause high school was a joke and i just got by doing as little as possible at all times. im honestly looking forwad to the stress of have shitloads of work. and you know not living at home.

right now i may end up being a computer science and engish major or a communications and english major its up in the air. one way or another im also going to minor in philosophy. so cool right... yeah i have no idea what to do with my life but what ever i dont care.

i have a hot date with carissa on monday, i can't wait.

than i go to cali on thrus for two weeks. im bring lots of books, as follows.
-less than zero
-god bless you mr. rosewater
-prayer for owen <something with an "m" that i cant spell>
-harry poter part 6 <buying it out there>

and than ill buy other stuff while im out there cause thats only one weeks worth of books.

i love brand new

i ordered band shirts i want them to come already

i need to fucking write cause i miss it to death

i've become quite the optimist lately, thats a good thing... haha get it.

i've decided that no matter what i have to do i need to see death cab play in aug so im gonna tryt and buy tickets that day <praise the scalpers> or well i think thats the only option.

i used these <> symbols a lot today

everything is in its right place
Monday, June 27th, 2005
10:29 pm
so after seeing george a. romero's self proclaimed masterpiece i think its only right that i backtrack and look over his previous film making exploits. now if your saying to your self who is this romero anyway than you have to think very hard and ask your self a question. have i seen a zombie movie? did you answer yes, because if you did you have one man to thank. ROMERO! that's right 'ol george downright invented the genre. and so i bring you the first movie he made that still exists.

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD- alright if you cant grasp the plot of this movie from the cunning title than well . yeah im sleepy, anyhow NIGHT is a fine movie. its got a bunch of zombies and a story as solid as . once again im sleepy and thinking is way too time consumeing. buttom line is theres nothign special about this movie.

DAWN OF THE DEAD- some how this cheery movie managed to loose the word "living". i guess it just sounds better this way but honestly theres nothing that scary about dead people. now living dead people, pretty fucking scary. now DAWN has the honor of being the most popular cult movie ever made, im not sure what that really entails but last time i check no one dresses up like a zombie to go see this... cough jedi's cough... so whats better than killing hordes of the undead? that's a silly question, SOCIAL COMENTARY thats what. sure enough romero decided no zombie movie is compleat without telling us something about ourselves. what did i learn from DAWN well dont trust gus in aviators, and thats about it.

DAY OF THE DEAD- so now its well established that zombies have managed to overrun the earth and our story begins to unfold in a tiny military base where a few scientists are... ehhh go rent it if your this interested. this ones got the most gore and the best plot, thats right theres a real plot in this one.

LAND OF THE DEAD- romero cleary got tired of this whole plot buisness rather quickly. what results is a movie that raises the question, how many gag deaths can i fit into a 90 min movie. the answer, one hell of a lot, and anyone who thinks this is a bad thing needs to stop saying, "hey lets go see a zombie movie." idiots.

so thats about it, and these are very simple reviews, these are actaully really complex movies about social standards that exist in every civalazation to ever exist... only with zombies and tom savini
Thursday, June 23rd, 2005
11:53 pm
I kinda feel that everything i write latly sucks but what ever.

ehh i dont really feel like doing this

Tuesday, June 21st, 2005
10:25 pm
beach today + me forgeting to put sunscreen on my legs = sunburn

yeah and its right on the back of my knees so walking is hell

oh well i learned my lesson i guess

past two days were pretty damn awesome

go see batman

as far as me writting ive really got no time so yeah, might not happen for awile, tear
Saturday, June 18th, 2005
7:23 pm
I'm at alli's house right now about to go to taco bell. now alli has one of those weird key boards and i keep trying to type where there are no keys. its annpying as hell. now i really need to start writing so i plan on doing two things
1- a short story
2- samuel jackson (the whily adventures of)
so look forward to that and if you dont... get fucked

what a expression say it a few times, doesnt it just roll out.


god i need to say that more often. its right up there with british cursing. hey wankers get fucked.


hey guess what im done with crazy 52 hour work week. sweet

i really want to go to the beach soon.

i finished rules of attraction. its so good i think you should all read it before next year. if not ill let u all know if its an accurate dipiction of college. i doubt it is but hey u never know. i rented the movie and every pretty actor/actress in hollywood is in it. even dawson

ok time for taco bell

hi! now it's alli and i'm abducting matt cuz I'm hungry. :)
Sunday, June 12th, 2005
2:31 am
happier than ive ever been
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